Axis Pharma staff visited a colleague

Posted on 30 Jan 2017
January 14, 2017, as it is in its culture, Axis Pharma staff visited a colleague who gave birth. It was a moment to convey to her the warmest congratulations, the gifts then they exchanged around a drink.

Exercise is one of the best provisions for better health

Posted on 21 Jan 2017
At Axis Pharma practice of a sport is significant because it allows to step back to work, relax and strengthen the spirit of cohesion with the entire team. In addition to its health benefits, sport awakens all sensations of happiness, well-being and motivation in all daily activities.

Celebration of the first anniversary of CAPA-KAZOZA association

Posted on 23 Dec 2016
From 3 to 4 December 2016, the staff of Axis Pharma gathered in the association CAPA-KAZOZA made a descent to NGOZI to celebrate the first anniversary of the association. It was a moment of relaxation and very rich in social cohesion. The staff of Axis Pharma gathered within the CAPA-

World Day Celebration against hepatitis

Posted on 07 Aug 2016
July 28, 2016, RTNB (National Radio and Television of Burundi) occurred the World Day celebration against hepatitis. This event was sponsored by Axis Pharma in collaboration with ANPH ALHV associations. Screening for hepatitis B and C was performed for 279 people (members of RTNB staf

Fair at Carolus Magnus Multipurpose School of KAJAGA

Posted on 03 Jul 2016
A fair that took place at Carolus Magnus Multipurpose School of KAJAGA received a sponsor Axis Pharma. The sponsor has facilitated the organization and buying gifts for participants to answer questions.

International Day of Nursing

Posted on 02 Jul 2016
Axis Pharma sponsored the International Day of Nurses SOS Nyakabiga Health Center. An exchange on the topic was conducted including treatment of medical waste. After all the medical staff of the Health Center SOS shared a drink in a friendly atmosphere.

Mutual aid at Axis Pharma

Posted on 24 Jun 2016
“Solidarity means helping each to carry the weight of life and make it easier”. In the words of Henri-Frédéric Amiel (1821-1881) (writer and philosopher Swiss Romand). Axis Pharma is a family in the true sense. She is always attentive and ready to act, to support, to help.

Secondary and tertiary health care in Burundi

Posted on 28 May 2016
On 28 January 2016, the KIRA Hospital held a medical day on the theme secondary and tertiary health care . In his welcome address, Dr Christophe Sahabo CEO Kira Hospital, said that this day has the main objective to contribute to improving the quality of secondary and tertiary levels

Surgery to meet the acute intestinal obstruction, the trauma emergencies

Posted on 28 May 2016
On November 9, 2015 at the Hotel Source du Nil, under the patronage of the Minister of Public Health and Fight against AIDS, it was held the second congress of surgery. In its continuing effort to promote good health, Axis Pharmacy Pharma participated in the congress. The themes were: